Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Adoption Awareness Month - Day 1&2

This weekend Todd and I will celebrate our 11th anniversary. For the first 8ish years of our marriage we struggled with infertility. We finally stopped trying to get pregnant and started to pursue adoption. We fell for a sweet little boy in India (Mahesh) and felt like God was calling us to adopt him. For months we worked to bring Mahesh home. Sadly, at this time 2 years ago we were told that we were no longer able to adopt him. We didn't understand why but knew that God had set us on this path to adopting our child. Around this same time, we met Mark & Alex. We got to know these 2 crazy kids and felt such a love for them. Again, this was totally God's doing. Two months after finding out we could no longer adopt Mahesh, we were asked to take in Mark & Alex. As in, receive a phone call in the morning and pick them up a few hours later. We said yes without a second thought.
Mark and Alex have been with us for 22 months. We have full, legal custody and are nearing the finalization of adoption! Some days are great. Some days are really hard. But everyday we have discovered new ways to love these boys. They still don't call us Mom and Dad, and half the time they act like they hate us but, I know God's hand has been on us every step of the way.
As for Mahesh, I actually got to Facetime with him a few weeks ago. He is turning into such a fine young man and we are so thankful to still have a small part in his life.
Adoption is hard. Adoption is messy. Adoption is worth every struggle and tear.
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Mark and Alex November 2014
 Mahesh August 2013

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