Saturday, November 5, 2016

Adoption Awareness Month - Day 5

Today is our 11th anniversary. When we were dating, I tried to imagine what our children would be like. Who would they look like? Would they be neat & organized like me? Have Todd's sense of adventure? Have a servants heart?
 Our family may not have started the traditional way but this guy could not be any more of a dad to Mark and Alex than if I gave birth to them myself.
I have loved watching Todd be dad to Mark and Alex. Every day I see him work hard for our family. He is setting an example for the boys that will be with them for the rest of their lives.
The funny thing is, some people say Mark looks a little like me and Alex a little like Todd. Mark is neat and organized like me. They both love an adventure and I have seen them love and serve others so many times.
God made our family. He made me their mom and Todd their dad. He did it through adoption. When we were praying about adopting Mark & Alex, we both distinctly heard God tell us this is His plan. He said that it may not always be easy but, we will never regret becoming their parents. There is no one else I'd want by my side as we navigate this crazy thing called parenthood.
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