Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A few weeks ago, we officially registered with a placing agency.  And this week we signed with an agency to do our home-study.  That means we have been up to our eyeballs in paperwork!  We have spent hours filling out forms and making copies.  It seems overwhelming at times (hey, just keeping it real!) but we are making our way through it.  Just a few of the many steps we need to take to bring our son home.

Now that we have signed with our agencies, we have a more accurate breakdown of our expenses.  From the beginning we thought we would need to raise around $20,000.  Today we tallied it all up from both agencies.  What do we actually need to raise?  Approximately $32,000!  We were a little discouraged (again, just being honest!).  We are currently at $16000 raised towards our expenses.  We thought we were almost to our $20k goal,  We wanted to look on the positive side of things.  So, the good news is...  WE ARE HALFWAY THERE!!

Wonder why it cost so much to adopt?  Yeah, me too!  Click on the tab at the top of our page to see the adoption expenses breakdown.

Thank you for the prayers and support during our journey to bring Mahesh home!

I have been reading "Adopt Without Debt" by Julie Gumm.  There is a quote in the book that I really love: "There is not one example in the Bible of God calling someone to do something and then using debt as a tool to accomplish it!"  God has been with us EVERY step of the way and I know He will provide the rest of the funds we need!

Now.... on to planning the next fundraiser!