Thursday, April 21, 2016

Normal Was Never Our Plan

Most of you know that our adoption journey has been anything but "normal!" Usually you adopt, bring the child home and change their name. Not the Thurston's!  
17 months ago, our adoption from India fell through. God had closed the door. We didn't understand why, until a few months later when we were asked to take in Mark and Alex. We took the boys. Eventually, after 11 months, we were awarded full-sole custody. Our next step is to complete the adoption process, and then help make the boys U.S. citizens. One thing that the boys stressed was their desire to change their names. They wanted no connection to the couple that had adopted them from Ukraine. There was so much trauma from those few short months that we could plainly see how important this was to them to have our last name.
We sat down and talked about middle names as well (they both hated their adopted middle names). Alex asked for me to write down family names. We talked about the boys going back to their Ukrainian names. (Alex was Sasha in the Ukraine and Mark was Stanislav - but they called him Stas.)
In the end, they both decided that changing their first names would be too "annoying" now that they have settled into their schools and friendships. They both wanted part of our family names but also part of their Ukrainian names. So, we did both!
Yesterday, the Judge signed the order to change their names!
Alex is now Alexander Sasha Albert Thurston. Sasha is his Ukrainian name and Albert is Todd's middle name (and his Grandfather's name).
Mark is now Mark Walker Stas Thurston. Stas is his Ukrainian name and Walker is my dad and my brother Chip's middle names.
Tonight, we took the boys to dinner to share the good news with them and to celebrate another milestone in our journey as a family. They are both excited and nervous about having new names again.
We are thanking God for each step we take on this journey. And, we are trusting Him to get us through the rest of the adoption and immigration process.

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  1. Grandma and Grandpa Thurston are very excited to be a part of this. Congratulations to our new grandsons. Love you