Monday, January 13, 2014

It's a Boy!

Introducing........ MAHESH!  

We met Mahesh during our trips to India.  He is 10 years old and a student living at Jackson Mission School.  Here is a little of his story:

Mahesh was born into a very poor family. His father passed away when he was three. He has an older brother and sister.  Mahesh had health issues from the time he was born, including a form of tuberculosis, that left him paralyzed on the left side of his body. He has since gained back full use of his left side, except for his hand.  After his father passed away, his mother struggled to feed Mahesh and his siblings and to be able to pay all of the medical expenses. Due to lack of medical attention, Mahesh grew terribly sick.  During this time, Mahesh’s mother heard of Global Gospel Ministries and the Jackson Mission School. She contacted Dr. Kadari, who  invited Mahesh to live at the school. He now enjoys good food, medical attention, schooling and clothing.
Last summer, one of the guys we traveled to India with spent time helping Mahesh do physical therapy on his left hand. In addition, a team member gave a $100 donation to allow Mahesh to receive more medical care for his unusable hand. After three months of physical therapy, Mahesh’s arm has been almost completely  healed and he can use his hand for the first time!!

We have enjoyed getting to know Mahesh since visiting India in 2011, 2012 and then again in 2013 (Todd stayed home in 2013).

It was during the 2013 trip that God started laying Mahesh on my heart.  Todd and I had made the decision to pursue adoption. We just weren't sure which direction God was leading us.

After returning home, we spoke to a local attorney about how to find out IF we can even adopt Mahesh, since he is not really an orphan.  Our first step was to find out if his mom would allow him to be adopted.  After hearing more about us (and our love for India) and seeking counsel from her Pastor, she agreed to sign off her parental rights and allow us to adopt him!  I could not imagine having to make that decision but she knows he will be well taken care of.  

Our second step was to hire an attorney in India. His job was to find out if Mahesh is "adoptable" by Indian government standards.  They normally do not like to split up sibling groups.  However, we found out today that he is adoptable!  This is based on his mom agreeing to give up her rights, her inability to care for him and, because of his arm/hand issues, he is considered "special needs."

We started this journey just 2 months ago and have already claimed him as our son.  We talk about what life will be like when he comes home. We have done some fundraising (the adoption will cost approximately $20,000!) and have raised just over $6500 so far!

Check back often for updates on our journey as well as more pictures of that sweet little boy that will one day call me mom!

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